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Tropical Macaw

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ART on SILK, Hand Made, 36" x 36"

Designed by Tricia Mutobe

As a former fashion designer, silk was my natural choice of medium for my artworks. I just love the way silk feels and breathes and I designed this scarf to be thicker than most scarves giving it a very luxurious feel and drape.

About design: A mesmerizing interplay of natural elements and vibrant imagination, this free form artwork, originally born as a whimsical doodle, gracefully unfolds across the expanse of a delicate silk scarf. Sprightly coral monsteras intertwine with lush green kelp, evoking an underwater reverie that harmonizes with the playful presence of a neutral-hued macaw perched amidst the foliage. Organic bubble shapes, like whispers of underwater secrets, cascade gently, infusing the scene with an aura of enchantment. The composition exudes a tropical rhythm, inviting the viewer to embark on a visual journey where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur in an elegantly understated dance of color and form.

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