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Tulip Motif

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ART on SILK, Hand Made, 36" x 36"

Designed by Tricia Mutobe

As a former fashion designer, silk was my natural choice of medium. I just love the way silk feels and breathes and I designed this scarf to be thicker than most scarves giving it a very luxurious feel and drape.

About design: Elegantly entwined tulips dance upon the canvas of these silk scarves, forming a captivating motif that effortlessly marries nature's grace with timeless sophistication. Delicate lines converge and diverge, composing a harmonious symphony of floral artistry, inviting the eye to wander through a garden of intricate beauty and playfulness. Did you see the hidden buddha? A subtle ode to nature's perfection, these scarves exude an aura of understated charm, making them the ultimate companions for those who appreciate the artistry of simplicity.

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