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Art Deco Pattern


As a child, I was the imaginative soul in the neighborhood, known for hosting backyard carnivals and dreaming big. Despite early setbacks, including coming from a family with backgrounds in engineering, finance and medicine, art found its way into my life in a surprising twist.

After earning a chemistry degree and delving into dentistry, a mysterious incident at work flipped my world upside down. Struggling with unexplained symptoms, I embarked on a tumultuous journey of uncertainty and despair. Abandoning my dreams of dentistry, I searched for solace in passion, ultimately discovering my love for fashion and teaching.

Enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising proved to be my turning point. As the fog of depression lifted, I found joy and purpose in my newfound creative path. Today, I stand not only as a designer and businesswoman but also as a beacon for mental health awareness, proving that our creative pursuits can illuminate even the darkest of times.

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